Henry's Music: Motets from a Royal Choirbook-Songs by Henry VIII

This recording, produced in conjunction with the various ‘Henry at 500’ celebrations held in 2009, contains music written for Henry and by Henry. Voices and instruments combine to offer a fitting tribute to England’s most musical king.
'Henry's Music' includes a world premiere recording of the contents of MS Royal 11.e.xi (a royal choirbook gifted to King Henry in 1516), which is to be produced in full-colour facsimile by the Folio Society, and tribute motets by Robert Fayrfax, Philippe Verdelot, and John Taverner. Alamire will be joined by the cornet and sackbutt ensemble QuintEssential and gothic harpist Andrew Lawerence-King.

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1. O Christe Jesu, pastor bone (Taverner)
2. King's Pavan (Anonymous)
3. England be glad (Anonymous)
4. Consort XII (HenryVIII)
5. Madame d'amours (Henry VIII)
6. Tandernaken (Henry VIII)
7. Salve radix (Sampson?)
8. Psallite felices (Sampson)
9. Sub tuum presidium (de Optitiis)
10. Quam pulcra est (Sampson)
11. Hec est preclarum (Anonymous)
12. Beati omnes (Jacotin)
13. Consort XIII (Henry VIII)
14. O my heart (Henry VIII)
15. Helas Madame (Henry VIII)
16. Though some saith (Henry VIII)
17. Nil majus superi vident (Verdelot?)
18. Consort VIII (Henry VIII)
19. Adieu Madame (Henry VIII)
20. En vray amoure (Henry VIII)
21. Lauda vivi alpha et oo (Fayrfax)
Released: May 2009
Length: 76 minutes
Artists: Alamire, QuintEssential, Andrew Lawrence-King
“The freshness and sensitivity of Alamire distinguishes it from rival ensembles. David Skinner channels the singers' skill to create a stunning architecture out of complex and sometimes ungrateful polyphonic vocal lines.”
BBC Music Magazine, August 2009 ****
“…a pleasing panorama of the optimistic, extrovert mood of the English court and its young ruler, before it all changed…”
Gramophone Magazine, Awards Issue 2009
"[Alamire's] measured and dignified style is wholly in touch with such an approach, which values introspection over spectacle. Their style is tempered yet enthusiastic, careful yet invigorating ... it makes for a very satisfying listening experience."
www.classical.net, May 2009
"They sing, marrying galvanizing spirit with impeccable tuning and blend ... Nothing but this music can transport you to the indescribable warmth that must have greeted the new King ... Awesome."
Classic FM Magazine, May 2009
CD of the Month, Classic FM Magazine, May 2009