The Four Seasons & String Concerti: Antonio Vivaldi

Antonio Vivaldi’s collection of twelve concerti opus 8 was published in Amsterdam in 1725; he gave descriptive titles to seven of the twelve, including the four concerti representing the seasons: la primavera, estate, autumno, l’inverno.
For the four seasons, Vivaldi included four sonnets, apparently written by himself, each of which is divided into three ideas, reflecting the three movements (fast-slow-fast) of each concerto. The 1725 publication indicated which musical passages are representative of which verses of the sonnets.
These rarely recorded sonnets are heard on this cd in the original Italian. The youthful musicians of EUBO are joined by a different soloist for each of the seasons.
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1-3. Concerto for strings and continuo in D RV124
4. Sonnet La primavera (Spring)
5-7.  Violin Concerto in E Spring RV269
8. Sonnet L’estate (Summer)
9-11. Violin Concerto in g minor Summer RV315
12. Sonnet L’autunno (Autumn)
13-15. Violin Concerto in F Autumn RV293
16. Sonnet L’inverno (Winter)
17-19. Violin Concerto in f minor Winter RV297
20-22. Concerto for strings and continuo in g minor RV157
Released: 2014
Length: 52 minutes
Artist: European Union Baroque Orchestra, Lars Ulrik Mortensen