William Croft: Burial Service & Anthems

William Croft (1678-1727) was the finest English composer of his age, having followed in the footsteps of Henry Purcell and John Blow at Westminster Abbey.
This recording highlights his full anthems and Burial Service published in his ambitious and successful Musica Sacra of 1724. Croft was deeply inspired by Tallis and, at the hight of his career, flourished in the shadow of Handel.
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1. Sing praises to the Lord
2. Voluntary No. 8 in C major
3. Hear my prayer, O Lord
4. O Lord God of my salvation           
5. Voluntary No. 1 in D minor
The Burial Service
6. I am the resurrection
7. Man that is born of a woman
8. Thou knowest, Lord (Henry Purcell)
9. I heard a voice from heaven
10. Voluntary No. 5 in C major
11. God is gone up with a merry noise
12. O Lord, rebuke me not
13. Voluntary No. 4 in G minor
14. O Lord, grant the King a long life
Released: June 2015
Length: 51 minutes
Artist: The Choir of Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge